Win this Mercedes Benz GLB 250 4matic
and $10,000 Cash

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    As a fully licensed and bonded sweepstakes, enjoy the benefits from our three ways to enter. Deadline to Enter is May 31st.

  2. Winner Selection

    June 1st our third party sweepstakes administrator tallies the final entries and randomly selects the winner.

  3. Claim Your Prize

    We'll fly you out to claim your prize with in days of your acceptance.

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We founded Onvive in 2019 on a simple belief: How would the world change if the people capable of solving the world's greatest challenges had the resources to do so? We at OnVive believe we can democratize charity and incentivize the average person to provide those resources to allow inspiring people to keep working on the right projects.


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Win this Mercedes Benz GLB 250 4matic
and $10,000 Cash