Product Details

Waterproof, Long Lasting, Bright-Coloured

Create different creative looks with your face using the Liquid Colored Eyeliner available in 12 colors. It provides a matte finish with a waterproof function. Perfect for your daily wear without giving an overwhelming appearance.


Easy Application

This liquid eyeliner already comes with a brush applicator for easy application. The brush is the perfect thickness and shape for the ideal form on your eyelids. Every swipe from the brush gives a smooth feel on the skin. You can successfully achieve the cat-eye look with the use of the brush.

On the other hand, the liquid has a lovely consistency to achieve the perfect application. It’s lightweight when worn as if you are wearing nothing on your eyelids. Once the eyeliner is dry, it turns out into a matte finish creating a more distinct color and look.


You will surely have this makeup on your face the whole day due to its waterproof feature. No trouble if you get your face wet or go swimming because this liquid Colored Eyeliner is long-lasting. Perfect for those who do not like retouching their makeup in the middle of the day. Experience no smudging or pulling because this makeup lasts for a day.

Create Artistic Looks

  • You can create different artistic looks because of the different colors available of this liquid eyeliner.
  • You can wear it for your everyday look in creating bold or straightforward looks. Unlike just the dull black color of eyeliner, this allows you to have fun with your face.
  • You can mix and match colors and try which color best suits you. Make your eyes look livelier and more stylish.

Portable Design

Carry this anywhere with you because of its portable design. Very easy to store inside your makeup bag so you can be sure to look great every day. It is small and thin but has enough supply to last a long time.

Package includes:

1 x Liquid Matter Eyeliner